Our products

Kitchen Helpers

The kitchen helper from Dechland, is made of high-quality pine wood. It is an indispensable solution for children who are eager to participate in kitchen activities. The wooden platform will make it easier for the child to prepare delicious dishes together with adults, use the sink, set the table, or safely reach higher objects. The structure of the kitchen helper is very stable, equipped with two steps, carefully sanded and has up to 3 levels of platform height adjustment. 

Kids' beds

Kids’ beds from Dechland are shaped like a house and sized to fit the needs of toddlers. They are the perfect space for sleeping as well as playing. It will definitely add variety to a child’s space, stimulate imagination, stimulating all sorts of games. Decorated with atmospheric lighting, they create an ideal space for a quiet evening and a peaceful, safe sleep. The solid wooden construction will last for years, giving you the opportunity to change the color and renew. 

Tipi Tents

This children’s TIPI tent, is a dream place to play at home as well as outdoors. It can be placed in the child’s room, on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. The lightweight wooden structure, which is easy to assemble and store, was made with attention to detail, and the eye-pleasing, unobtrusive colors and fashionable Scandinavian-style design will stimulate children’s imagination and easily blend into the environment. A tent in the form of a tipi is a brilliant way to enliven play and make the dreams of many toddlers come true.

Baby gates

When a small child arrives at home, it is worth thinking about his safety and your peace of mind. Safety gates, will prevent any attempts by the toddler to climb steep steps, approach pets, or wander out of sight of the parent.Dechland’s safety barrier is a solidly made wood product, made with the utmost care, and closes intuitively in a simple way.


Dechland wooden sandboxes are made in Poland. They are coated with water – ecological impregnation, so they can serve for a long time without harming the environment. Family production, optimal size, the ability to enclose and secure sand and toys, as well as to sit down while playing – these are some of the main advantages of our sandpits. 

Wooden garden lounger

The wooden garden lounger is a simple and practical piece of furniture, with a proven and reliable design. Ideal for the home garden, balcony, but also increasingly popular in public places. It provides full comfort, the ability to adjust the height of the backrest and the position of the sitter, without forcing an unnatural position of the body, thanks to the fabric cover. The beach chairs offered from Dechland will delight you with their natural appearance, classic and extremely fashionable form, as well as their solidity, which has been appreciated on the market for years. A wide range of colors, universal appearance, ease to store a simple design and uncomplicated quality, distinguish the deckchairs of our brand from others.


We offer articles produced in accordance with the growing environmental awareness, using technological innovations and natural raw materials only from legal sources. Following the dynamic changes in the market, we make every effort to accurately meet the needs of our customers.